Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

Not sure why folks would stay here. If you go to Vegas, let’s face it you'’re going to gamble. The hotel does'n’t have a casino. Nor is it even on the strip. Full disclosure, Donald Trump approved for the initial stages by the Nevada Gaming Commission in February 2004 for a gaming license but

Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.

Lots of controversy around this property. But once again, Trump wants to pay lower taxes. The difference between this property and others is that he will have the power to appoint the person that will head the GSA (U.S. General Services Administration) that handles contract negotiations with the hotel. Washington DC is a beautiful city

Trump Winery

Donald Trump gave the winery to his son Eric Trump (3rd child). It is currently held by Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing LLC and is no longer affiliated with The Trump Organization. Donald Trump has been accused of having deliberately driven down the value of the vineyard prior to purchasing it out of foreclosure from Patricia