Stop Buying Trump is dedicated to providing conscious people a place where they can find and share information in a global effort to stop putting money into the pockets of the Trump family.

Donald J Trump has made a mockery of the democratic system in American politics. He has spent his life obsessed with one thing and one thing only. His money.

The fact that Trump refuses to place his company into a blind trust while holding the most powerful office in the world puts the American democracy at grave risk. It puts the world global economy at risk.

While Stop Buying Trump cannot undo past harm nor legally stop Trump from continuing his businesses while presiding over the American government, our goal is to create a community that takes a stand against Trump by boycotting  Trump products and services (collectively known as the Trump Brand) and those that continue to support the brand.

With luck, Donald J Trump will only be in office 4 (or less) years. Let’s make sure he has no Trump Brand when that glorious day arrives.

Get Involved…

Please contribute to this site with your Trump Brand to boycott and most importantly boycott the Trump Brand.

Get involved today.