Welcome to Stop Buying Trump.

We’re very glad you’re here and happy that you too are concerned with how Donald J Trump has made a mockery of the democratic system in American politics.

Please do contribute to the list of brands to boycott and companies to support.

Before you add your contribution to the site, please take a moment to look over the helpful guidelines below.

How to submit on Stop Buying Trump
We welcome thoughtful and civilized submissions. The Stop Buying Trump editorial team reserves the right to edit or delete submissions as we see fit, without explanation.

Here’s what your submission should contain:

  • Real companies that promote the Trump products, services, and properties
  • Real companies that are taking a stand against Trump and his hateful, discrimination policies
  • Links to the companies website
  • Links to valid articles stating they are actually supporting Trump and/or the family empire
  • Links to valid articles stating that a company is standing a stand against discrimination

Certain submissions may not be posted or may be deleted after they are posted.
Here are some examples (not comprehensive, but you’ll get the idea) of types of submissions that will ensure your post will not pass muster, at least not on Stop Buying Trump:

  • Fake new sites as references (see http://www.fakenewswatch.com/ for a list)
  • Threats to us or others
  • Any form of defamation
  • Racist or obscene nastiness
  • Violation of anyone’s copyright, trademark, etc.
  • Promotions about and/or links back to your product, service, or latest venture

And that’s it. Simple. Civil. Truthful.


Updated: November 20, 2016