Trump Golf

Trump has 15 golf courses around the world with more on the way. The average, everyday person cannot afford to play on them much less pay for the membership fees (Mar-A-Lago will set you back $100,000, with an annual fee of $14,000).

Trump is known to be hyperbolic when touting the value of his golf empire but only to press or when marketing it. He sings a different tune when it comes to paying taxes on them. Somehow their value is much, much lower when talking with the local County Assessor. (Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles)

Although it may be hard to boycott this brand for most of us. If you work for a local charity and it’s thinking of holding a charity golf event at one if his course…DON’T DO. Seek out a different course that is more worthy of your cause.
If you know of someone that is contemplating joining his “club”, persuade them not too.

If you know of someone that works for one of his courses, help them find employment elsewhere. Having a Trump property on the resume will not be a flattering item for much longer.

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